The Commotion Over Common Core

Sep 27, 2014

Common Core politics indeed makes strange bedfellows. Some of the most conservative Tea Party members are on the same side of the issue as some of the most liberal voters, although not really for...

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The Tea Party Stands by Its Man

Jun 7, 2014

Rick Scott rode into the Florida Governor’s Mansion in a campaign funded with $70 million of his own money and the help of the anti-establishment Tea Party. He wooed them. He professed to share...

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Pay to Play Alive & Well

Aug 20, 2013

During the 2010 gubernatorial campaign a new candidate who had never held or run for political office before entered the Florida political scene. Many weary voters, tired of business as usual in politics, liked...

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Facebook Stimulates Political Punditry

Mar 7, 2013

Love it or hate it, social media provides an outlet for political opinions — some incendiary, some provocative and some sensible, sound and rational. The beauty of soliciting comments on Facebook is that the...

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